Nairobi Arusha Moshi and Dar shuttle bus trip information

THE TRIP From Nairobi Arusha Moshi and Marangu

Shuttles leave from both Arusha and Nairobi at 08.00 hours each day. Though the trip on the Tanzania side of the border is shorter at 110 kilometers and the shuttle bus takes one and half hours, state of the road is good Generally it takes two hours (170kms)from the Kenyan side ,You will also stop on the Kenya side, not too far from the border. This rest stop gives you a chance to answer the call of nature, buy a cool drink and look at some last minute (or first minute) gifts.

The time spent at Namanga can depend on the number of people on the bus and how strict customs and immigration officials are. Also, if a few fellow passengers are without visas things might go slower.
The service includes a pick up or drops off at any of the major hotels(Hotels served in Nairobi includes:
Grand Regency Hotel, Boulevard Hotel, Fairview Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Meridian Court Hotel, YWCA, New Stanley Hotel, Norfolk Hotel, Serena hotel, Landmark Hotel, casino, six eighty hotel)
in Arusha, Nairobi or Moshi.

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Nairobi- Namanga,;Nairobi – Arusha /  Arusha- Nairobi (jkia), Nairobi – Moshi   / Moshi – Nairobi (jkia),  Nairobi – KIA (Kilimanjaro Airport),  JKIA – Nairobi – Dar-as-salaam,

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